Nearly $300 billion in products are returned to Amazon every year. You won't believe how they are handled...

Amazon returns center struggles under enormous strain

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Online retail is growing year on year - estimated to rise from $396.7 billion in 2018 to $684 billion by the end of 2021. This shift to online shopping has benefited companies like Amazon tremendously, but there is also a downside for retailers: rising customer returns.

It is estimated that nearly $300 billion in products sold on Amazon are returned by customers. As a result, the Amazon return center faces a tremendous workload. Have you ever wondered what happens to the products you've returned?

In fact, many of the returned items remain unopened and quality checked. Some retailers would select high quality products from these returned items and turn them into a mystery box. The concept of a mystery box is self-explanatory. You receive a box without knowing what is inside, and when you open it, you are surprised and excited to see what you have received. provouxin is one such mystery box company, that collects high quality electronic items from Amazon returns and puts them together in mystery box at different prices for consumers.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to interview Ethan Harris, the CEO of provouxin, and some of his staff. Read on below for our interview. 

Ethan Harris, CEO of provouxin (Courtesy of Extranewstv)

What's so enticing about mystery boxes?

Ethan Harris: We are pleased to see that the mystery element is very well received by buyers, and even more so in these unprecedented times. Because of the surprise effect, a box is the perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself!

What do you think of this whole trend of mystery boxes?

Ethan Harris: It was great to see all the unboxing videos that popped up on YouTube. We also got a lot of nice feedback from our own customers and we love to see their reactions to their boxes.

How do you curate each box? What does the process look like?

Ethan Harris: We have a team of experienced members who pick up brand new, unopened products from the Amazon returns center and assemble our provouxin boxes. The contents of each box are handpicked to offer our customers items and brands that complement each other and add value.

provouxin Lagerhaus.

provouxin warehouse. (Courtesy of Extranewstv)

What would a customer actually get and why do you choose these particular products for the box?

Ethan Harris: We have a growing list of great brands that appeal to a wide range of people. You'll find consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers or gaming headphones and health products like neck massagers or oral irrigators. We have so many exciting products on offer all the time.

Von den Kunden erhaltene Produkte.

Products received from customers. (Courtesy of Extranewstv)

Die Box enthält eine Vielzahl von brandneuen Produkten.

The box contains a variety of brand new products. (Courtesy of Extranewstv)

provouxin's careful control of product selection has resulted in high quality mystery boxes that are coveted and loved by many consumers. Let's take a look at some of the comments customers have made about the products.

I received an elegant and functional smartwatch from a provouxin mystery box. It is lightweight and the strap is made of soft plastic that feels comfortable. I tested it while talking on the phone and you can hear it loud and clear with no interruptions. It has all the basic features that a digital watch should have PLUS, pedometer, workout counter, heart rate monitor and so on. So I say it is a very worthwhile purchase.

- Kristian Freud

This is my first wireless headphones. Thank you very much provouxin. The shipping and packaging are convenient. Good fit, easy connection, hands-free, pure bass sound, perfect sound quality. Great product for the price.

- Derek Kissingburg

I recommend this website to everyone who is interested in buying a mystery box. You definitely get your money's worth. I am in love with the VR headset I won and my family had so much fun with it. It's perfect. 5 stars.

- Robert Gilson

provouxin now has its biggest sale ever. Mystery Boxes up to 50% discounted! Buy now before they are sold out. 



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  • p
    prophet101🇺🇲 31 January, 2022
    As a former Amazon warehouse employee, I can be sure that what the article says is true. Before 2018, many intact returned goods were destroyed due to the occupation of the warehouse, and after 2018, Amazon sold those intact goods to other companies.
    Reply 24 3
    dogsrock749 31 January, 2022
    Amazon is really wasteful, now these intact products can be reused, also to contribute to the environment.
    Reply 9 1
  • p
    Pa'akikiiHawai'i 31 January, 2022
    The feeling of unboxing the delivery is still very good, and can also be cheaply. I'll try it!
    Reply 15 0
  • N
    neil21 31 January, 2022
    I bought the electronic blind box from provouxin and it is an excellent bluetooth headset.
    Reply 20 2
  • N
    newsjunkie564 31 January, 2022
    Bezos wasted so much resources yet so rich.
    Reply 7
  • W
    whatev 31 January, 2022
    Damn, I should have known there was a website selling this product!!
    Reply 3
  • S
    sanitynow864 31 January, 2022
    I like mystery box because life is full of uncertainties and surprises.
    Reply 4
  • Soros 31 January, 2022
    Does anyone know if the products in the mystery box are new or used?
    Reply 10
    Walter Junior 22 Juni Jun,2022
    I have bought several mystery boxes from provouxin, all brand new and in perfect packaging.
    Reply 5
  • concernedintn 31 January, 2022
    I bought mystery boxes at yesunbox! But I was not lucky and only got an airpods, I heard someone got iPhone 13 pro max, PS 5....
    Reply 3
  • oldesalty 31 January, 2022
    I was wondering if the bluetooth speakers I returned last year were chosen by them. It was a fair one, just that I ordered the wrong color.
    Reply 5
  • L
    LatexHer 31 January, 2022
    Wow ... It's good to know that all those returned products won't be wasted. Really smart of them to turn these items into mystery boxes. This is a fun way to do it.
    Reply 5 2